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The ISF Perpetual Bond


About the ISF Perpetual Bond

Who We Are

International Space Federation (ISF)

Founded by Nassim Haramein, ISF operates with an understanding of the nature of reality achieved through the unification of science. We represent more than thirty years of interdisciplinary research and a blend of scientific and commercial achievements:

  • Publications, access our repository of publications, presenting advancements in the field of unified physics.
  • Torus Tech, LLC, research and development laboratory, focused on quantum vacuum energy extraction and gravitational effects.
  • Resonance Science Foundation, a global research hub for educational and scientific outreach.
  • ARK Crystal LLC, a commercial venture based on the principles of unified physics, presented as a consumer device.

ISF embodies the insights and technological advancements of these organizations, consolidated under one banner for a unified mission: to bring humanity into a new era of sustainable energy, gravity control, and space exploration.

The Opportunity

Shaping the Future

We live at a critical time in history. Today's advancements in energy, gravity control, and sustainable technology shape the future of civilization. Our unified approach paves a direct engineering path toward these requirements to create a better tomorrow.

We believe that our community-based, open-source strategy will overcome traditional obstacles that have halted other technologies in the past. Bond proceeds will fund research, operations, and prototype development for industrial production. In parallel, forthcoming publications will continue to promote Haramein's unified theory, inviting collaboration with the scientific community. Our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and laboratories in France offer a neutral and resourceful environment for operational sustainability.

The ISF Perpetual Bond is not just an investment vehicle - it's an investment in the future, alongside a community that shares a transformative vision for the planet.

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Latest and Upcoming

"The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity" 

Published September 26, 2023

In this latest publication, Haramein and his research team present the framework for a Unified Field Theory. The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity” pushes the boundaries of the current understanding of the fundamental forces, and the source of mass and gravity, offering a new perspective on how these elements are interconnected. This unified view has profound implications in redefining our approach to energy production, gravity control, and addressing the most pressing environmental and resource challenges facing humanity today.

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"Scale Invariant Unification of Forces, Fields, and Particles in a Quantum Vacuum Plasma"


In 2024, a series of research papers is slated to introduce a comprehensive unification of all physical forces and constants across all scales. These papers, collectively titled "Scale Invariant Unification of Forces, Fields, and Particles in a Quantum Vacuum Plasma," chart a new trajectory for scientific inquiry and technological advancement. They are expected to serve as a cornerstone in establishing widespread recognition of Haramein's work, potentially ushering in unprecedented opportunities for the future of humanity.

By investing in the ISF Perpetual Bond, you're not just investing in a company; you're supporting the research that will redefine the fundamental laws of physics to catalyze  global change.

ISF Perpetual Bond Overview

This bond is structured as subordinated, participatory, and perpetual, granting you a share of our net profits. Your investment will primarily support critical areas like research and development, community engagement, and commercial prototyping. It's a unique opportunity to be a part of our mission.

  • Profit-Sharing: 16% profit share based on net operating cash flow.
  • Discounts and Premiums: Early adopters receive premiums on higher subscriptions.
  • Secured & Registered: ISF Bond is a registered security, compliant with the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • Seamless Transfers: Easy ownership transfers between note holders. We are actively working on a strategy to offer the option to convert these notes into digital tokens in the future.
  • Transparent Operations: We value integrity and prioritize clarity and transparency. Our profits are calculated based on rigorous cash flow evaluations.
  • For the Future: Your investment fuels our research, collaborations, prototypes, and educational initiatives for our planet’s sustainable future.
  • No Expiration: Our notes are a long-term investment, with no set redemption or maturity date.
  • Re-purchase Offerings: At select times, we mayight offer to buy back your notes, providing you added flexibility for your investment.
  • Low Cost Entry & Cost-Effective Pricing: You can get started with a minimum investment amount in CHF, USD, or EUR 1,000. Our tiered pricing structure is designed to offer you the most favorable rates, with note prices varying from CHF 0.50 to CHF 1.00 based on availability.
  • Flexible Payments: We offer a range of options to suit your preferences, including traditional currencies such as CHF, USD, and EUR, as well as digital ones like BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC.