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The International Space Federation (ISF) is humanity’s first space exploration organization based on the development of gravity control as propulsion & quantum vacuum energy as a power source.

The Nature of Reality Workshop

A Course Review of the Paper,

"The Origins of Mass & The Nature of Gravity"

(English) September 29 - 30

(Français) October 13 - 14

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European Locations & Expanded Operations

Technological Applications

ISF Technological Applications

A Message from Nassim

We live at a critical time in history.

It is a time when humanity and our evolution have exceeded the capacity of our biosphere to remain sustainable. New technological developments in energy production and transportation are critical at this point in order to overcome the ecological challenges the world is facing today.

The International Space Federation marks a new step in human evolution.

A deeper understanding of the nature of reality through the unification of physics and science generates a direct engineering path to significant energy production: from the structure of quantum vacuum fluctuations and the alteration and control of the spacetime curvature to yield gravity control.

These discoveries open up a beautiful and bright future for humanity to thrive and harmonize its technology with the fundamental wheelworks of nature.

Understanding the deep underlying nature of gravity and the control thereof will lead humanity in becoming a true space-bound civilization; Exploring and establishing multiple different worlds, and having access to an almost infinite amount of resources.

This is the true future of humanity.

Be part of it with us.

Be Part of the Future
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